Innovative New App Changes Note Taking Forever 

Panda Eyed Devs is proud to announce the release of a powerful new app, Note Pilot, which puts note taking into the hands of working professionals. Getting the message across has never been easier! 

For Immediate Release (02/14/2014) 

Krefeld, Germany – Panda Eyed Devs recently announced the release of Note Pilot, a powerful app that allows iPad users to annotate images, PDF documents and even emails in a way that captures the voice of the professional making a statement loud and clear. Note Pilot incorporates image capture, handwritten notes, typed notes and even recorded sound into a file to be shared via email to customers, colleagues, friends or the world with a single click.


Note Pilot's Audio Recording provides a new dimension to note taking allowing users to incorporate the power of sound into their files. Panda Eyed Devs Owner, Andre Weiss, claims, “Note Pilot is a super useful app that allows for ultimate versatility when it comes to sending images or documents to which you need to add notes. It's suitable for annotating plans, PDF documents, sketches, photos and any work in progress.”


The Note Pilot app is useful for the wide array of tablet users who, as a result of changes in the times, now look to their technology for nearly everything. Pen and paper have become less widely available in the average setting, but technology such as your tablet is almost always right at your fingertips. Note Pilot solves the problem that arises when notes or additional comments are needed on a particular file or subject and there's no pen or paper to annotate. With just a few clicks, Note Pilot allows the user to compile a detailed annotation including both handwritten and typed notes, spoken words and additional images where necessary. Elaborating or explaining has never been so easy!


Note Pilot is not limited to email sharing. Panda Eyed Devs Owner Andre Weiss ensures, “Note Pilot works with Dropbox and Evernote and it's versatile in that it's not just for photos but also for PDF documents.” The integration of the Note Pilot app to work seamlessly with Dropbox and Evernote puts this powerful tool in the hands of millions of people who are already utilizing other document sharing applications for everyday communications at work & in play. With Note Pilot, decision making is at the fingertips of every user, sharing is simple and collaborative tools to document answers are mere seconds away.


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Panda Eyed Devs Unveils Major New Features for Groundbreaking Note Rocket App


App update gives users more control over what they can annotate on their photographs and dramatically increases the app's speed.


Krefeld, Germany, Dec. 13th, 2013 – Note Rocket, the revolutionary app introduced earlier this year that allows iPhone users to annotate their photographs with doodles, personal notes and voice recordings, now has even more features after a major update by developer Panda Eyed Devs. 

Users of the app, which is available in the Apple App Store, can now zoom into a photograph and add notes on very small sections of the photo. Panda Eyed Devs also boosted the quality of the recorded text messages and improved the app's speed by more than 60 percent. 

“Note Rocket's many users told us how the app could be even better, and we listened,” said Andre Weiss, owner of Panda Eyed Devs. “Now Note Rocket is even easier to use, and faster too.” 

Note Rocket lets users edit photographs by scribbling notes directly on the photo, or by attaching a recorded personal message. Those photos can then be shared on Facebook or Twitter. 

This major update comes on the heels of Panda Eyed Dev's release of another innovative note-taking app. Note Pilot, available for the iPad, allows users to annotate emails, images and PDF documents with both handwritten and typed notes as well as voice recordings. Files can then be shared by email.

Both Note Rocket and Note Pilot also work with popular tools like Dropbox and Evernote.

“The release of Note Rocket and Note Pilot have shown that Panda Eyed Devs is on the forefront of developing apps that simultaneously make their users' lives easier and more fun,” Weiss said. 

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PRESS RELEASE: 10/29/2013

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Panda Eyed Devs Unleashes Note Rocket, the New App Revolutionizing the Addition of Written and Audio Messages to Photos

Note Rocket app lets iPhone users personalize and share snapshots with annotations like doodles, notes and soundbites.

Krefeld, Germany, Oct. 29th, 2013 – Smartphone photographers can doodle directly on their photos and then share them on leading social media platforms with Note Rocket, a new iPhone app launched by Panda Eyed Devs.

Note Rocket allows iPhone users to write personal notes or attach voice recordings to snapshots and then upload and share them on Facebook and Twitter. The app is also compatible with cloud file hosting services like Dropbox and Box.

“This is more than just a tool to edit photos. Note Rocket can fundamentally change the way people share information,” said Andre Weiss, owner of Panda Eyed Devs. “Its intuitive design makes Note Rocket as easy to use as email, and much more personal.”

Users of the app can use their finger to scribble notes or point out details in a photo, or they can attach a voice recording to add a personal message. Notes can also be organized into folders or synced with tools like Evernote or GoodReader.

Note Rocket has a wide range of uses. For example, users can take a photo of their broken appliance, annotate it, post it to Facebook and ask for help. Or they can share their latest project, directly pointing out the most difficult parts. Parents can even snap photos of their children's artwork, annotate it with the child's name, grade and year and then share it with relatives or file it away.

“Note Rocket is versatile enough that businesses can use it to ask and answer questions quickly and on the road, and individuals can use it to personalize their photos,” Weiss said. “What's more, it's not only easy to use, it's also fun.”

To celebrate the launch of Note Rocket, Panda Eyed Devs is offering the app for 50% off for a limited time only. Note Rocket is available on the Apple App Store.

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Notes to Editors

Release date of the app: 22nd of October 2013

Price: 0.99$ for a limited time, 1.99$ regular sales price from December 2013 onwards


Company: Panda Eyed Devs is an app development group based in Krefeld, Germany. For more   information please visit

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